Pricing and Reservation

The Remote Observatories are available without monthly
subscription fee on a reservation basis.

70 points

per imaging hour

Alnitak charges for imaging hours only and the technical overhead time is not billed.

Base cost 175 points per imaging hour. 1 point = $1.00 USD
Image Description
  • The base cost of the A1 telescope is 175 points per imaging hour, whereby 1 point equals $1.00 USD.
  • Volume discounts are applicable based on the amount of points purchased.
  • All imaging sessions must be reserved in advance via our on-line scheduling system.
  • The service we provide is billed per-minute using the actual imaging (exposure) time used.
  • Your account is charged only after the images have been acquired and access to your FITS files has been enabled online, with volume and Moon illumination discounts applied, as described below.
  • The minimum reservation time is 15 minutes.


More volume – more discounts.

Amount Prior to Discount Discount
< $300.00 0%
$301.00 to $539.00 15%
$540.00 to $1,439.00 35%
$540.00 to $1,439.00 50%
$3,360.00 to $9,999.00 60%
> $9,999.00 Contact us

For example, the expenses for a project that requires 20 hours of total exposure time during full dark with zero Moon illumination can be estimated as following:

20 hours exposure time × 175 points per hour = 3,500 points required overall 3,500 points x $1.00 per point = $3,500.00 prior to discount With volume discount: $3,500.00 × (100% – 60% volume discount) = $1,400.00.

This results in $70.00 per imaging hour cost for the project.

Alnitak charges for imaging hours only and the technical overhead time is not billed. For example, if your observation plan results in 15 minutes of exposures, your account will be charged for the equivalent of 15 minutes in points, and the charge will not include the time spent for standard technical overhead time spent to operate the telescope.

Moon Illumination Discounts

In addition to the volume discounts described above, telescope time is discounted as following based on the Moon illumination on any given night:

Moon Illumination Discount
25-49% 10%
50-74% 30%
75% and above 50%

Included Service

With your purchase, Alnitak Remote Observatories provides:

Access to the telescope
No monthly or membership fees
Whole system fully managed by our teams on and off-site
Account charged for imaging (exposure) time only
No charge for technical overhead time
Reservation system to schedule automatic imaging sessions
Delivery of fully calibrated and raw FITS files
Optional astrometric solution included
Ensemble photometry of known variable stars and minor planets
Delivery of separate dark, bias and flat calibration frames
All the data is stored 90 days on our servers online
Moon illumination discounts
Technical support via e-mail and ticketing system
All the data belongs to you, 100% ownership
Full privacy
Full satisfaction guarantee refunds

Alnitak Remote Observatories would be ready to discuss additional discounts to educational organizations. Please contact us at


Alnitak Remote Observatories provides full satisfaction guarantee. We will issue full refund if the data has arrived poorly calibrated or with defects due to poor tracking, wind due to the wind, equipment malfunction or any other reason. The refund claim can be submitted online and is usually processed within 24 hours.