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In order to task Alnitak telescopes, you need to create an imaging plan. We provide graphical user interface utility that allows you to select your astronomical target by name or coordinates, specify the number of images and filters. You can then reserve telescope time via Alnitak calendar and assign your imaging plan to a specific time and night.

Once Alnitak telescope has finished executing your imaging plan, your images will be available for downloading via Alnitak web interface or secure FTP server in FITS format. An e-mail notification will be sent once your FITS files are available online.

We will provide fully calibrated FITS files with bias, dark and flat-frame calibration applied. Raw images will also be available if necessary.

Advanced Features

In addition to the selection of target, filter and exposure duration, Alnitak imaging plans allow to customize pattern repetition, refocusing behavior, dithering, photometric defocusing, binning modes and other features.

Billing & Support

If the observatory roof will be closed due to weather, you will not be billed for any reservation time and will be able to reserve time on another night for your imaging plans.